We are no longer accepting applications for our 2024 show.
We look forward to seeing everyone on September 28 & 29!


Digital Images for Jurying

1Number of images to submit
Four representational images of artwork completed within the last 2 years, one of booth displaying the full range of artwork. If you have submitted images in the past, these must be images of new work.
Each image must be identified with artist’s surname, first name and by number corresponding with image description on application, i.e., smithjane1.jpg
3Recommended Dimensions
1920 pixels on the longest side. Note: To assist artists who do not have images that are 1920 pixels or larger, the system will also accept images that are at least 1400 pixels on the longest side.
4File Format
Save all images as Baseline Standard JPEG. Do not send images in PNG or Progressive JPEG files.
5File Size
File Size: JPEGs should be under 5 MB in size.
6Recommended Resolution
Recommended Resolution: between 72 and 300 ppi.
7Color space
Color space: Save images in RGB color space, preferably sRGB.

Artwork Requirements

All work must be original, produced by the artist, and signed. Limited editions must be appropriately numbered or identified as artist’s proofs. Reproductions must be clearly identified. Wearable Art and Fine Crafts must be of original design and individually made. Artwork displayed should be a result of the artistic category in which you are applying and representative of the artwork in your application.

Booth Specifications

There will be approximately 160 booths.
Each booth area is 12’ x 12’ and located on grass. Tents and display equipment are the artist’s responsibility and must be limited to the assigned space. All materials must be kept within the booth area. Booth assignments will be made during the summer. Booth sharing is not permitted.
Be prepared for rain or shine, cold or hot weather. Electricity is not available and generators are not allowed. Battery-operated lights are permitted. Smoking is not permitted at the Art Show, nor are dogs allowed.


On Saturday, judges will select artists for awards. The categories are Painting, Printmaking/Drawing/Pastels, Photography/Digital Art, Sculpture, Mixed Media, and Wearable Art/Fine Crafts. Awards are presented on Sunday morning.


Show hours are 10 am to 5 pm Saturday and Sunday. Set-up is permitted Friday between 12 noon and 6 pm and Saturday 6:30am-9:00am.
Parking for one vehicle per artist will be provided at the artists’ parking lot adjacent to the Show. You will receive a permit. Artists must be parked there by 9:00 am and may not move their vehicles until after Show hours. Please advise your patrons and assistants that the artist parking lot is reserved for artists only. Golf cart transport to visitor lots is available for large art purchases. Artists shall comply with all applicable vehicle insurance requirements. Dismantling on Saturday and Sunday may begin at 5:15 pm, unless it is deemed unsafe for pedestrians. NO vehicles will be allowed on the field if it is wet. Please bring hand carts.
The New York State Taxation Department requires artists to have a “Certificate of Authority.” To apply for form DTF-17, call 1-518-457-5431. The form is also available from the Tax Department’s website.
If for any reason you are unable to attend the Show, as a courtesy to fellow artists and the Show, please notify us immediately by telephone. If an emergency arises during the Show and it is necessary to leave, you must notify a Show official before you dismantle. The Friends of the North Castle Public Library does not assume responsibility for exhibits or artwork. The Art Show Committee reserves the right to make all decisions concerning participation. There will be no rain dates or refunds in the event the Show must be canceled.


Set up: Friday noon-6pm; Saturday 6:30am to 9:00am
Breakdown: Sunday after 5:15pm when it is deemed safe for pedestrians

Loading and unloading are done on the field by parking your vehicle near your booth, unless the field is wet. In that case, be prepared to dolly your artwork to your booth. Please move your vehicle as soon as possible so your neighbors can also unload/load conveniently.
When you check in, you will be issued a parking permit with your name, booth # and cell phone #. This is to be placed on the dashboard of your vehicle. The permit allows you to drive onto the field to load/unload and to park in the Artists’ Parking Lot during show hours.
There is 1 space available for each artist. Vehicles may not be moved from the parking lot until the end of the show day. See Vehicles and Parking section above.
Large Art Transport is a service we offer to artists for transporting artwork to a patron’s vehicle when requested. Patrons are NOT allowed to drive onto the field to pick up artwork.
The field gets damp in the evening. If your work could be damaged by dampness, we suggest you remove it overnight on Saturday.
Artists’ vehicles are allowed on the field after the show as soon as pedestrians have left the field and it is deemed safe, and as long as the field is not muddy. Even if the field is dry, many artists find it is more convenient and quicker to dolly out to the parking lot. The Parking Committee determines when artists can enter the field for breakdown.
Booth space is 12’x12’. Since most booths are 10’x10’, there is 2’ behind the booth for a chair, packing materials, etc. as well as space between your booth and your neighbor’s booth. Booths are located on grass, so be prepared to weight them down. See Booth Specifications above.
The Art Show provides limited security Friday/Saturday evenings. However, if you are concerned about damage, please remove your work overnight. The Art Show is not responsible for work left in booths overnight.


  • Artists MUST be present both days of the show from opening to closing.
  • All work must be the artist’s original work and representative of the work submitted with his/her application.
  • The booth area is 12’x12’. All work and materials for packing must be stored in or behind the booth.
  • Artists are responsible for picking up trash around their display area.
  • Electricity is not provided.
  • Displays must be professional in appearance and consistent with application images.
  • Exhibitors may not display ribbons, awards or prizes received at previous shows including prior Armonk Outdoor Art Shows.
  • Artists will be responsible for obtaining their own insurance, if desired.
  • No artwork from molds, kits, or other commercial methods is allowed. Ready-made objects (i.e., clothing, furniture) which have been embellished, painted, decorated, dyed or batiked will not be accepted.
  • No posters, postcards, t-shirts, books or personal merchandise can be sold at the show.
  • SALES TAX: The New York State Taxation Department requires artists to have a "Certificate of Authority". To apply for form DTF-17, call 1-518-457-5431. The form is also available from the Tax Department's website, www.tax.ny.gov. Sales tax in Westchester County is 8.38%.


Artists who cancel at least 60 days prior to the show will receive a 75% refund of their total booth fee. Any cancellations that take place within 60 days from the show will not receive a refund.

Restrooms are available toward the back of artists’ parking and also at the Tennis Bubble office just beyond the Parking Lot Restrooms. Showers are also available in the Tennis Bubble office. There are port-a-johns on the field perimeter.


Nearby hotels are Hotel MTK Mt. Kisco (1 Holiday Inn Dr.), and Hyatt Regency in Greenwich, CT (1800 E. Putnam Ave).

If for any reason you will be delayed in your arrival to set up or exhibit at the show, please notify us by leaving a message at info@armonkoutdoorartshow.org. Also, if you are an accepted artist and, for any reason, are unable to exhibit this year, please let us know as soon as possible. There are artists on our waiting list who are waiting for an opening.