Year after year, you and your team of dedicated volunteers produce an acknowledged 5-star show.

Ronald Wilson
Plymouth, MA

As usual, you did a fabulous job with the show. This year in particular, the comments I heard were outstanding, as were the quality and diversity of the artists’ work. A great tribute to you and your team!

Debra Graham
Scarsdale, NY

Thank you for putting together a wonderful show. Your organization does a superb job organizing the entire weekend, while also taking great care of the artists. Thank you again for putting together another great event!

David Melnick
New York, NY

As usual, of the six shows I did this year, Armonk was my strongest. Of the six years that I have been at Armonk, this was my second best, and I still have at least one, and maybe two, follow-ups that may lead to a sale. The show always attracts buyers who mesh with my style. I appreciate the great organization that goes into the show and was amazed at the number of volunteer name badges on the table on Saturday morning. For a relatively small town's library, the effort is impressive.

Steve Wilson
W Hartford, CT

Thank you and all of the volunteers who worked so hard to make the show so special. I had an outstanding show and was honored to be included.

Marshall Burns
Sheridan, NY
Mixed Media

Thank you for another great show. The effort and dedication shown by you and all involved with the festival is terrific. I thought that the quality of work this year was extraordinary. Thanks again for moving my booth space. My sales were the best ever! Hope to see you next year if I am lucky enough to jury in.

Roxane Chardon
Hollis, NH

So many thanks to everyone on your committee for another beautifully done show. Please know how much all of your hours of work are appreciated. In my quick walk-around on Sunday morning, it seemed also that the level of quality was up again - each year it seems to get better and better. And the two helpers that you sent to help me out were outstanding -never had such a quick and well-done packing job. Many thanks for that.

Patricia Wilder
Victor, NY

The staff and volunteers/boothsitters/ were most welcoming and friendly. The 56 years of presentation shows in many ways and is appreciated. The only problem is the dust kicked up by the golf carts near the peripheral booth spaces. I noticed that they were driven much slower this year than last year, so perhaps some sensitivity has been promulgated and is certainly appreciated. You are to be congratulated once again for putting such a successful event together in a compact area. I know it isn’t easy for you folks, but know it IS appreciated!

Renee Dinauer
Palm Bay, FL

I was very pleased to be included in your show…as you know it is one of the top shows in the country!!!! I was also pleased to support your library with a donated piece of artwork. It was heartening to see all the volunteers working very hard…their and your efforts truly paid off…the show ran very smoothly. Thank you for your work. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of a great show.

Alice Vander Vennen
Cobourg, Ontario, Canada
Mixed Media

I had a great show with significant sales and many wonderful conversations. The organization of the event is excellent. I love my booth placement and I am grateful.

Carolyn Shattuck
Rutland, VT

Armonk certainly lived up to its stellar reputation and was by far the finest show that I've had the privilege of exhibiting at! I didn't have much time to walk around, but when I was able to, I was absolutely blown away! Beauty everywhere! I'm not sure who does the jurying, but I am sure that they do it right. I had a great number of sales, including some potential orders that I'm working on. That's a bit more than my last two shows combined! So...Thank You! I considered it a privilege to bump shoulders with incredibly talented artists who I know work every bit as hard as me to produce some of the finest art available today.

Larry Chapman
New Paltz, NY

I was, as always, happy to be part of the show. The heat was hard to take and seemed to put a strain on the artists as well as the attendees but couldn't be helped. I am always impressed with the organization of the show and the signage. It always seems so fluid and shows a lot of planning, easy transition of cars as well as attendees.

Sharon Rosenthal
Philadelphia, PA