I am forever spoiled after exhibiting in your show.  As if the artist breakfasts, evening entertainment, docent tours, golf cart delivery, preferred parking, etc. weren't enough-- the good-bye gift bag was the absolute clincher.  Every detail was anticipated and so thoughtfully addressed by your incredible staff of volunteers.  On top of all this, the sales at the show were terrific, with an extremely art-educated public.  My sincere thanks to all of you for an incredible experience.  I truly hope to see you again at next year's show.
Laurie Fields
Mixed Media
Alexandria, VA
As a first time exhibitor at the Armonk Outdoor Art Show this year, I was very pleased with my sales and the response to my work.  It was wonderful to be at a show where the quality of the artwork was so high.  With spectacular weather to enliven the atmosphere, the people came out in great numbers and were very enthusiastic about engaging with the artists.  In short, it was exactly what an art show is meant to be like!  Thank you for inviting me to the show this year, and I hope to see you next year!
Michele Berman
New York, NY
This has been a fabulous fall, and the weekend of the Armonk Outdoor Art Show was fantastic.  There were great crowds with the lovely weather, and my sales were better than usual.  The volunteer staff, as usual, were great, friendly, helpful and a pleasure to work with.  Artists were treated with respect, and the morning complementary breakfast was delicious--fresh fruit, coffee and lovely fresh bagels.  This is one of the best run shows in a great location.
Bob Green
Conway, MA
This was my first time exhibiting in Armonk.  I participate in about 30 shows per year.  Armonk was fantastic.  The clientele was enthusiastic about my work, and it translated into high sales for the weekend.  The staff--from the organizers to the volunteers-- was also wonderful.  Other artists who do this show told me that it may take a few years to build up a customer base.  If this is the case, I can't imagine what my sales might be in upcoming shows.  Year one for me was a huge success...
Thomas Laraia
Milford, CT
Wow!  We had a great stay, and whoever ordered the weather did an excellent job.  I thought we had a good turn out and a really engaging crowd.  The quality of the people really make it one of my highlight shows of the year.  We sold work at the show and took some orders, and we are waiting to hear back from some other folks.  Thanks again for everybody's hard work!
Rob Glebe
Chestertown, MD
My husband and I had a wonderful weekend.  We talked to a ton of people, met friends and saw some great work.  The atmosphere was very friendly and helpful.  I hope to build my patronage over time.
Carolyn Shattuck
Mixed Media
Rutland, VT
It was wonderful that the Armonk staff arranged for 3 perfect weather days: one for set-up and the two show days.  That is always a good first step in improving attitude among the artists and art enthusiasts.  Attendance seemed strong both days, and I had two previous customers who were very excited about "doing the right thing" by purchasing new work.  I especially appreciate the golf cart delivery service for larger artwork.  Since the public parking is spread out for a mile, getting purchases to customer's vehicles is very important.  As a bonus, there was an incredible free performance Saturday night at the Library.
John Jackson
Jefferson, NY
Armonk is the model of what every show should strive for--excellent management, a consistently high level of artwork, and appreciative patrons.  Thanks to all of you for another wonderful year.  Please give special gold stars for the person responsible for the weather this year.  Looking forward to seeing you next year.
Pat Wilder
Victor, NY
Thank you for an incredible weekend.  The professionalism of your team is impressive.  We loved being part of the weekend.  Enjoy this beautiful weather and continued success with the library.
Soli Pierce
Craft Mixed Media
Cortland Manor, NY
Great venue, great weather, very well run.  Many thanks to the whole crew who puts this show together.  I don't want to forget to mention the great local restaurants--Moderne Barn, Fortina, The Bagel Emporium.  Hope to see you folks next year!
David Burton
Mixed Media
Indialantic, FL
As an artist who has been participating in the Art Show for the past five years, I'd like to thank everyone for putting on such a first class event.  The organization is great, and it helped this year with mother nature cooperating as well.  I've always had a great show in Armonk, and this year was no exception.  The crowds are big, especially for the area.  I have customers coming from the surrounding towns, New Jersey, Westchester County, and Connecticut.  The word is out that good art is in town.  The level of artists seems to be getting better, and what I especially love is that this is an art show, and not all about music, food, or family entertainment.  The entry fee at the gate can qualify, to some degree, the people coming to look at the art.  It's a well-educated and appreciative crowd.  Hope to be back for many years to come
Mark MacKinnon
Millbrook, NY
Sales were very good this year and, as always, show organization was excellent.  Patron attendance seemed very good.  This is one of my best shows every year.  Thank you for all the good work you do.
Gary Stretar
Spencer, OH
The Show was well conceived, thoughtfully planned, and perfectly executed.  The considerate accommodations for exhibitors and patrons enhanced the experience for both.  Thank you, and BRAVO!!
Harvey Milman
White Plains, NY
This was my first year as an exhibitor, called from the waitlist, and it was a wonderful experience!  Set up was easy, patrons were knowledgeable, pleasant and truly interested in my work.  The weather could not have been better!  Please let's ask for it for next year too!  I already received a few sales after the show, which always makes for a great experience.  Your team does an outstanding job, kudos to you all!
Barbara Smith McLaughlin
Stratham, NH
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