Your team should be sure to hear "job very well done "!!! From the spacious layout, to set up organization, gracious and willing volunteers throughout the show, as well as the qualified & appreciative buyers, the Armonk Show is a pleasure to participate in. It was my first time participating at the Armonk Show and I enjoyed the weekend from start to finish. Friday set up made for an easy pace on Saturday & Sunday.

I have been doing juried art shows for 20 years, recently relocating from California to the east coast. It was pleasure start to finish to be included in the show. I met many delightful people from the community and had strong sales over the weekend. Your show is now on my list of favorites.

I also have to say how thoughtful it is to have goody bags for artists at the closing of the show. It was a treat for the road home. I hope to see you again next year.

Kara Raymond
Doylestown, PA

Always easy to give a good review when you make money, and I always make money and have strong sales at the Armonk show. My work is among the more expensive at any show, so it is very important to me to have a venue and audience that works for fine art. Thanks as always for having the show and to all those who put this show together and the volunteers who give of their time.

Gary Stretar
Spenser, OH

An artist’s art show, with enthusiastic collectors, and an eager and competent group running this annual event. Not a detail is overlooked, from the fine color catalog, volunteers to assist, and golf carts to deliver the work to buyers’ cars. The stunning selection of artists from across the country feeds the part of me that wonders why we go to all these shows. This one is tops, and they attract serious collectors who wait for this venue every year. One of my favorite shows to do, I feel taken care of from start to finish. All the artists around me seemed to be having a great show, as did I. You’ve got to love that!

Soli Pierce
Craft/Mixed Media
Cortlandt Manor, NY

This is a great gem of a show. The volunteers are always friendly and helpful. Artists are treated with respect. Artists are treated to great bagels, fresh fruit, coffee and tea. Judy Moniz and her staff of volunteers make this one of my best and favorite shows each year, I am always excited to receive an acceptance to this fall show.

Bob Green
Conway, MA

Our first time at Armonk was a resounding success. We sold 3 times the amount of vintage book purses that we usually sell at [another local show]. The public was extremely receptive to my art purses. I feel I will have many responses for the upcoming holidays due to amount of bookmarks I gave away. We enjoyed the gracious breakfast, the gift bag on tear down and the wonderful reception we received from everyone. My son was amazed at the quality of artists at this show, and learned a great deal about different mediums from the artists who were only too willing to explain the process to him. Chris is in the Autism Spectrum and is very social, so we were grateful that everyone was so willing to answer his questions. This is quite possibly the best show of the year for us, with all considered.

Kathleen Scranton
Wearable Mixed Media
Coventry, CT

Great show, well run and happy with my sales (which I expect will double after commissioned work)! Glad to be invited off the wait list and hope to come back next year. Yes, large abstract art sells well in Armonk.

Allen Levy

It is a privilege to participate in Armonk, where the artists' work is at such a high level of excellence.

Patricia Wilder
Victor, NY

Having exhibited for so many years with a full understanding of this industry, I would say with great confidence that the Armonk Outdoor Art Show has a track record of always coming through with sales. Of course, some years better than others, but the bottom line is consistency. That is a great compliment, not to mention the great efficiency of the staff and their courteous and friendly manner. Certainly a plus for any artist to encounter.

Joseph P. Grieco
New York, NY

One of the ways I gauge the success of a show is the amount of talking I do to interested art lovers. This year I was almost always engaged in a dialogue about my process and content. It was a very good show. I really liked my booth space, and I sold work!

Carolyn Shattuck
Rutland, VT

Always a pleasure being a part of your show. I was fortunate to have another good one, and I want to thank you and your crew for all your efforts in helping me to achieve that.

And observing this caliginous day, I am reminded what a fabulous job you did with the weather! I’ll hope to see you all next year. Cheers!

Paul Elson
Digital Art
North Bergen, NJ

Just want to thank you for providing artists the opportunity to show and sell their work in a professional, high quality, and well run environment. This was my first time participating at Armonk. I had a great show and had the additional honor of winning an award. So exciting for me!

Wishing you continued success. Hope to see you next year.

Roxane Chardon
Hollis, NH

Amonk is the most underrated art show in the United States.

Nancy Strailey
Columbia, SC

Judy, We had a strong show. Thank you very much for your dedication and hard work. A big thanks to all of the excellent volunteers. We're looking forward to participating next year.

Sharon Matusiak and Robin Washburn
Marion, Il

I want to thank you for inviting me to the show. I really enjoyed it. It was a pleasure meeting all the fantastic patrons.

The organization of the show and all the volunteers were great. From a sales perspective, the show was one of the best. Have had great after show orders as well.

Patrick Whalen
Maryville, TN

I wish to thank all of you for the truly wonderful experience I had participating in the Armonk Outdoor Art show this past weekend! Everyone was so welcoming. As a first timer, I felt a very unique warm and friendly connection with the staff as well as the attendees throughout the show. I was well received, selling 14 paintings! Everyone was so positive and personable.

The way the show is organized and managed throughout should be the model for all shows everywhere. I felt so at home and was disappointed in having to leave. One of my clients invited us to their home for glass of wine. They were delightful people a mile away.

I hope to see you all again next year.

Ric Grossman
Dumfries, VA

Just a quick note to thank you for all your hard work in making this year's show another successful event! The volunteers are always available and willing to do whatever they can to assist the artist in any capacity. This deserves an extra dose of thanks and gratitude.

I heard nothing but praise from the patrons, who continue to be impressed by the quality of the show. I would also like to note that there were many new buyers at the show this year, which I am confident was due to the extensive publicity and advertising.

The Armonk show is a hectic time for all involved, but I did want to let you know how much your efforts are appreciated!

Tracy Hambley
Mixed Media
Southbury, CT