Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to participate in the Armonk show.  It was a wonderful experience for me, and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I hope I'll be able to participate in future shows in Armonk.
Carol Gromer
Scarsdale, NY
Thanks to everyone involved (so many!) for another outstanding weekend.  Love this show!  And thank you for moving me to that location; I really liked it.  Hope to see you next year or somewhere in between.
Laurie Goddard
Mixed Media
Shelbourne Falls, MA
I wanted to thank you for another great show... great weather, good crowds, especially Sunday, and although my sales were off slightly from past years, I was still very pleased. I love the emphasis on 2-D and judging by the work being carried out on Sunday, so does the audience. You, your committee, and volunteers do a fabulous job and promote one of the best ART shows in the country. Thank you.
Randy Eckard
Blue Hill, ME
I contacted Sunshine Artist and Art Fair SourceBook yesterday to add my voice to all the accolades your show deserves.  I was fortunate to have another excellent show, and I once more want to take a moment to thank you and all your colleagues for the best-run show I attend each year.  As you breathe a sigh of relief (until the prep starts for next year), I would like to reiterate how pleased I am to be selected to exhibit with you, and how much I appreciate you and your colleagues for their efforts and grace during the weekend.  I always look forward to Armonk; it is the highlight of my show schedule.
Paul Elson
Digital Art
Tenafly, NJ
Thanks again for the invite to this year's show; it was an excellent show for me, both in sales and general conversation I have with the numerous people who stop into my booth. And I am flattered by the printmakers award. I have my ribbon hanging in my studio. My feedback on the Armonk show: The Friday set up opportunity seems to work very well. The snack tent is also incredibly appreciated, free coffee, fruit and bagels - this is very kind and also a nice time in the morning to talk to the other artists. The A-Z rows of artists is also great. The hotel being so close to the show is awesome. The show is very well organized, with plenty of volunteers, and the parking is great.  You all really do a great job with this show!! I really love this show. I get a truly great response from people and cannot thank you enough for the invitation.
James Polisky
Branford, CT
I really appreciate the high quality Armonk Outdoor Art Show, and it's a pleasure to be included.  Everything runs smoothly and couldn't be more organized.  I'm really impressed with the thought that is put into every detail: from set up/tear down, directing traffic, helping people get large purchases to their car and even handing out goody bags to each artist at the end of the show. I'm sure that it takes an enormous amount of work running a show of that magnitude!  Even after all their hard work getting ready for the show, the volunteers still have the energy to make me feel appreciated and welcome.
DeAnn L. Prosia
Newtown, CT
We were pleased to participate in this year's show and have only good things to say about our experience.  From exceptional food to convenient parking, your show is a pleasure. We look forward to seeing you next year!
Jack Mclean
Johnsburg, IL
Armonk remains one of the "gems" of the art show world. As more and more shows become, essentially, "urban carnivals," Armonk has maintained its reputation as a fine art show. The quality of the art is first rate. The show is very well run and easy to do. The crowd is knowledgeable and interested in the art. I have done the show on and off for many years with three different bodies of work, and have always been happy to be there.
Allan Teger
Mixed Media
Vero Beach, FL
What I like best about the Armonk Outdoor Art Show is the fact that this is a real community-supported event, with so many dedicated volunteers.  I would much rather pay my booth fee and support a fundraiser for a library than pay for and participate in a show that only adds to the wealth of a private promoter.
Andrew Van Assche
Plainfield, MA
I don't have any suggestions for the show, as I think you have it right. I do like the earlier dates in September over the October dates. I guess if I had to suggest something, "Don't change anything."
Larry Preston
Plainfield, MA
Nice atmosphere, pleasant setting surrounded by woods.
-- Well-educated, affluent patrons.
-- Very high quality art.  Well juried.
-- Thanks for your hard work in putting on this show!
Will Connor
Nashville, TN
The Armonk Outdoor Art Show has developed into an optimum showcase for some of the country's most accomplished artists. Competition to be included in the show is keen, and the diversity of various media and approaches continues to increase and amaze.
The crowd response is wonderful in terms of numbers of attendees and their enthusiasm and purchasing interest.  The show attracts customers from not only the local area but from many surrounding states as its reputation continues to grow.
Additionally, the show's committee and multitude of volunteers go out of their way to assist the artists and craftspeople. They see to it that all our needs are well cared for!
And of course I must add that I was delighted to be a prize winner among such an outstanding group of artists.
Roz Oesterle
Armonk, NY
I have been participating in The Armonk Outdoor Art Show for the past eleven years and it has been a consistently well run, well juried and profitable show to participate in. Great care is obviously taken in considering the exhibiting artists' needs.
The volunteers are wonderful, the setting is great, and the logistics of the show make it easy to do.  I always look forward to doing it!
Robert Hessler
Kingston, NY
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